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[platform-ui-dev] Build Submission (I20051129-0800)

The map file has been updated for I20051129-0800.  The following fixes are 
+ Bug 42643. [Editor Mgmt] Need extension to intercept editor opening
+ Bug 49497. [RCP] JFace dependency on org.eclipse.core.runtime enlarges 
standalone JFace applications
+ Bug 88577. [Viewers] Deferred viewers in JFace have a dependency on Job
+ Bug 107839. [WorkbenchLauncher] Startup progress bar should announce 
loading, not loaded
+ Bug 109661. [Presentation] Improve customizable window trim
+ Bug 112000. [Viewers] TreeViewer SWT.VIRTUAL support.
+ Bug 112222. [WorkbenchParts] ISaveablePart2's DEFAULT constant is respected 
only if a single part is being closed
+ Bug 112237. [Graphics] Exporting key preferences shows icon of different 
type of key
+ Bug 113832. [WorkingSets] No way to disable window working sets.
+ Bug 114527. [DynamicUI] Race condition in Workbench leads to intermittent 
crashes (org.eclipse.ui.startup)
+ Bug 114813. [DynamicUI] Incorrect synchronization will lead to JUnit failure 
+ Bug 114931. [CommonNavigator] Filtering by types of content shws all content 
+ Bug 114940. [CommonNavigator] [Discussion] Navigator extensions only operate 
at one level
+ Bug 114993. [CommonNavigator] Missing NLS message
+ Bug 115123. [CommonNavigator] [API] Update extension point schema doc for 
+ Bug 115130. [CommonNavigator] Port the ActionExpression enablement classes 
to org.eclipse.core.expressions
+ Bug 115486. [CommonNavigator] [arch] Navigator viewers should be more 
+ Bug 115785. Quick dialogs don't appear after having used the menu
+ Bug 116460. [CommonNavigator] Code review comments
+ Bug 116685. [CommonNavigator] ClassCastException trying to execute action
+ Bug 116690. [CommonNavigator] View title is blank
+ Bug 117043. [MPE] Allow MultiPageEditors to customize layout
+ Bug 117065. [CommonNavigator] Should support better filtering of duplicate 
+ Bug 117358. [IDE] CopyFilesAndFoldersOperation needs to remove the reference 
+ Bug 117360. [IDE] RefreshAction needs to remove reference to
+ Bug 117362. [IDE] Remove references to in 
+ Bug 117363. PathVariableSelectionDialog has references to
+ Bug 117364. [IDE] org.eclipse.ui.internal.ide.dialogs has references to
+ Bug 117519. Provide clear() method on ListenerList
+ Bug 117539. Intermittent failures in ImportExistingTest
+ Bug 117543. [Dialogs] Make long PopupDialog titles readable
+ Bug 117554. [WorkingSets] UI usage of getName() should be migrated to 
+ Bug 117559. [WorkingSets] WorkingSetComparator logic is backwards
+ Bug 117576. [WorkingSets] label changes dont cause event firings
+ Bug 117591. [CommonNavigator] References to the AWT and Swing libraries 
should be removed
+ Bug 117601. [Undo] - update org.eclipse.core.commands.operations to use new 
equinox common utils
+ Bug 117707. Cannot launch UiTestSuite
+ Bug 117816. Crash while running JFace test suite
+ Bug 117899. [WorkingSets] document new empty-aggregate strategy
+ Bug 118025. [Dialogs] PopupDialog should set a grid data to the control 
returned from createDialogArea
+ Bug 118043. [Commands] parameters: Element 'commandParameter' is not legal 
as a child of element 'command'
+ Bug 118057. [CommonNavigator] ICommonContentProvider should be API
+ Bug 118081. [CommonNavigator] Failure in 
+ Bug 118112. [CommonNavigator] Add API to programmatically enable/disable 
+ Bug 118163. [Dialogs] - PopupDialog should define constants for zero margins
+ Bug 118170. [CommonNavigator] [Resource] Support Open/Open With menu 

The following projects have changed:
+ org.eclipse.core.commands
+ org.eclipse.jface
+ org.eclipse.ui
+ org.eclipse.ui.ide
+ org.eclipse.ui.navigator
+ org.eclipse.ui.navigator.resources
+ org.eclipse.ui.tests
+ org.eclipse.ui.tests.navigator
+ org.eclipse.ui.views
+ org.eclipse.ui.workbench


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