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[platform-ui-dev] Working set changes

I've added new features relating to working sets. As discussed previously, we needed a bridge working set that represents the contents of all working sets active on a workbench window for those clients that aren't able to handle multiple working sets. I've created API for the creation of aggregate working sets. Aggregates are backed by a collection of other working sets and react accordingly to changes in their component sets. Each workbench page has such a set available via IWorkbenchPage.getAggregateWorkingSet().

This feature required some new API on IWorkingSet and IWorkingSetManager. For IWorkingSet I added get/setLabel. The label of a working set is a more descriptive user-friendly name for the working set. Unfortunately, up until this point the name of a working set was also its unique identifier. This is problematic when we need multiple instances of the "window working set", one for each window, and yet have no way to reasonably distinguish between the two in a way that leaves the name readable to the user. By default the label attribute is the same as the name attribute unless a label is explicitly provided. Also added was IWorkingSet.isVisible(). The idea behind this method is that some working sets should be managed by an IWorkingSetManager but not visible to the user in various selection dialogs or lists. I'm not entirely comfortable with isVisible() - I think there might be a better way to express this requirement (perhaps isSystem() or isUtility()). IWorkingSetManager sees the addition of createAggregateWorkingSet() for creation of arbitrary aggregates.

To make use of these new APIs the WorkingSetFilterActionGroup and the IWorkingSetSelectionDialog implementation have been enhanced. The dialog now provides the ability to select the window working set, no working set, or an arbitrary collection of working sets that will be assembled into an aggregate.

The UI surrounding this API is still very much up in the air and the API is still marked as experimental. If you have any comments or concerns, please let me know.

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