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[platform-ui-dev] Build Submission (I20051025-0800)

The map file has been updated for I200508250800.  The following fixes are 
+ Bug 70597. [DnD] Drag and Drop PluginTransferData confusion
+ Bug 71600. [DetachedView] Cannot get Focus on main window title/menus after 
dialog box closes
+ Bug 72374. [Dialogs] Provide a generic info pop dialog
+ Bug 86307. [WorkbenchParts] IWorkbenchPage.openEditor() called with the 
activate==false, unmaximizes the current view.
+ Bug 96491. [Presentations] Floating toolbar buttons over maximized view
+ Bug 102081. Abandon the combo box of preferenceDialog
+ Bug 102893. [WorkingSets] Nested WorkingSets
+ Bug 105351. [Presentations] Exception AbstractTabFolder.getItem
+ Bug 105874. [DnD] [RCP] Unable to perform DROP_LINK operations in the editor 
+ Bug 106346. Move ResourceMapping back to API package
+ Bug 108162. [Progress] [IDE] Deadlock using MoveFilesAndFoldersOperation 
from a refactoring participant
+ Bug 109174. [WorkingSets] compatibility working set to bridge new page-level 
+ Bug 111054. [Markers] Filtering in problems view should consider resource 
+ Bug 111425. [Markers] Problems View needs to support a category attribute 
for markers
+ Bug 112922. Problems view refreshes on add and remove
+ Bug 112941. [Markers] Need a hierarchal mode for the problems view
+ Bug 113085. [Perspectives] perspectiveExtension: required attribute 
+ Bug 113231. [Markers] Problem view does not remove old elements when 
+ Bug 113255. Double click should expand import/export trees
+ Bug 113276. ModelProvider patch to support logical models
+ Bug 113582. Deadlock updating marker list during builds.

The following projects have changed:
+ org.eclipse.core.commands
+ org.eclipse.jface
+ org.eclipse.ui
+ org.eclipse.ui.examples.multipageeditor
+ org.eclipse.ui.examples.propertysheet
+ org.eclipse.ui.examples.readmetool
+ org.eclipse.ui.examples.undo
+ org.eclipse.ui.ide
+ org.eclipse.ui.tests
+ org.eclipse.ui.tests.rcp
+ org.eclipse.ui.workbench


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