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[platform-ui-dev] Capabilities of TreeViewers and Properties View


I am building a set of plugins for eclipse, and I have been trying to provide what is a basically a TreeViewer with an editable column that allows you to change values of the items that appear in the tree. My difficulty is that I would like to be able to provide different cell editors on the same column based on the type of object in that row (ala the properties view).

The reason I can't (or at least I think I can't) use the properties view for this task is that it doesn't seem to support dynamically adding entries, and I would also like the ability to have the properties be nested in a tree structure.

By examining the JFace code it seems that a few modifications to the TreeViewer would be sufficient to allow a user of the Viewer to provide their own CellEditor based on the current selection. Unfortunately the Viewer is not designed for subclassing and much of what I would need to change is private.

So long story short... Does anyone know of a way to get what I am looking for without making my own copy of the viewers package and modifying it, or recreating a more customized properties view?

Thanks a lot in advance.
-Bradley Hawkes

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