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[platform-ui-dev] Platform ui build submission

We have submitted the following projects for 4PM


to deal with 

47708  nor  P3  RESO  3.0 RC2  [RCP] [EditorMgmt] Error restoring OLE 
61628  nor  P3  RESO  3.0 RC2  [Workbench] Animating close rectangle is 
barely visible o... 
62084  nor  P2  RESO  3.0 RC2  [EditorMgmt] editor dropdown: filtering 
doesn't work when... 
63020  nor  P3  RESO  3.0 RC1  [RCP] Features are parsed during Update UI 
63258  maj  P1  RESO  3.0 RC2  [ViewMgmt] minimized view is hidden on 
perspective switch 
64466  nor  P2  RESO  3.0 RC2  Workbench preference page does not properly 
set dialog font 
64745  maj  P2  RESO  3.0 RC2  User waiting dialog won't go away - had to 
kill Eclipse. 
64772  maj  P2  RESO  3.0 RC2  [RCP] IProduct and IBundleGroup file 
properties must be r... 
64872  nor  P2  RESO  3.0 RC2  [Progress] Progress reporting in wizard 
dialog doesn't us... 
65031  nor  P2  RESO  3.0 RC2  [Preferences] Local History preference page 
doesn't use d... 
65120  nor  P1  RESO  3.0 RC2  [ActivityMgmt] triggering activity does not 
update view t... 
65160  nor  P2  RESO  3.0 RC2  [Progress] BlockedJobsDialog should have a 
non modal default 
65566  nor  P3  RESO  3.0 RC2  Progress view icon is still the yellow bar 
in RC1 
65570  maj  P3  RESO  3.0 RC2  ProgressViewUpdater looses events 

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