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[platform-ui-dev] Platform UI Build Submission

Platform UI has submitted for todays 4pm build.  The following plugins have been tagged with v20040526:


The following bugs have been addressed for this submission:

62111 Mon 17:29 progress view: wrong tooltip
63216 Tue 05:43 Cannot create a progress view in High Constrast
62916 Tue 08:39 [Font/Colour] Active part background end has non-externalized string
63452 Tue 09:04 [Activities] ActivityRequirementBindingDefinition still has referneces to activityId and childId
62708 Tue 09:48 [ActivityMgmt] Workbench->Preferences "Activity Configuration" needs to be renamed to "Capabilities"
63851 Tue 10:21 Clean up activity code
62904 Tue 10:41 [UIForms] Widget is disposed in ImageHyperlink.handleActivate
39455 Tue 10:43 [ActionSets] isInitiallyVisible override (with patch)
63352 Tue 10:55 [Decorators] Lots of RGB objects leaked from opening / closing Navigator view
63632 Tue 11:05 [UIForms] Argument not valid thrown when clicking Welcome view on fast view dock
62757 Tue 11:49 [Progress] busyCursorWhile uses a null shell
62707 Tue 12:19 [ActivityMgmt] Select Perspective dialog needs to have "Show All"
63882 Tue 12:47 [UIForms] Widget Disposed Error on Startup
62776 Tue 14:16 Using 0518_0816, the ui.win32 fragment is not NLS'd
62740 Tue 14:26 [Preferences] The export preferences dialog does not allow the selection of a folder as a destination
62206 Tue 15:07 [Progress] Blocked save shows window title in progress dialog
61101 Tue 16:30 [Welcome] IDEWorkbenchAdvisor.openWelcomeEditors(IWorkbenchWindow window) throws WorkbenchException
63349 Tue 17:11 [Markers] MarkerView leaks a Clipboard
63874 Tue 17:20 [Dialogs] [Progress] Widget disposed in clean build dialog
63005 Tue 17:36 Synchronize job has null and a % in its progress message
62883 08:43:33 [Progress] Images in progress area are misaligned and chopped
58987 08:50:23 [Progress] CVS Job property actions should define a tooltip
63996 09:34:02 Dangerous code pattern in busyCursorWhile
57847 09:46:55 [Fonts/Colors] TreeViewer in prefs page does not honour dialog font
63994 10:19:29 [Progress] IProgressService.busyCursorWhile javadoc
64042 10:32:44 [UIForms] clicking Workbench icon at Welcome page throws an error in .log
62920 10:33:31 [Workbench] pre-defined list of encodings
63159 10:41:51 [Progress] Progress dialog "Run in Background" button does not resize with larger font
56039 10:48:51 [Font/Colours] Hard to find definition of "mapped to" font
63097 12:38:18 Progress bar foreground colour should be white when selected (ProgressView)
63854 13:51:02 Calling IProgressService.runInUI while a modal dialog is showing
62335 14:02:22 JavaElementImageProvider.getImage() is almost half of the label update time
62045 14:32:38 [Progress] Progress indicator shows 0% while active job shows 51%
63407 14:41:11 [JFace] image reading is unbuffered
64205 15:17:08 BlockedJobsDialog not resizing vertically


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