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RE: [platform-ui-dev] Reminder: Build Submission

The theory, at least, is that builds will get progressively better throughout the week until we achieve something we are all happy with. Your best bet is to track platform-releng-dev and see if there are any show-stopper problems with the builds. As teams sign off on builds, this should give an indication that builds are becoming more stable.

platform-ui-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 05/11/2004 11:12:59 AM:

> Could you or John A or someone send out a note to eclipse-dev when
> there is a good solid integration build that you would recommend
> that the community pick up? Given there are 5 builds a day, with
> various possible problems, I want to make sure the one(s) I download
> give the most bang for the buck. Thanks,
> --Ed

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