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Re: Re: [platform-ui-dev] Multiselect in outline view and Property sheet

Unfortunately thats not an option for me..:)-
Dont get my pay checks until i solve this one!!!


On Tue, 04 May 2004 Randy Hudson wrote :
>As workaround to this problem, you could prevent the property from
>appearing during multiple selection only.  To do this, have the associated
>PropertyDescriptor return FALSE for isCompatibleWith(PropertyDescriptor).
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>05/04/2004 01:49 AM
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>         Subject:        [platform-ui-dev] Multiselect in outline view and
>Property sheet
>Hi All,
>I tried posting the newsgroups ,but no help there..
>I have a problem where the user mulitselects elements in the outline
>view.The corresponding property sheet shows the common properties of the
>selected element. For these common properties,eclipse shows the values of
>the FIRST selected element.My problem is this:
>Lets say I have a name property with a TextDescriptor,when the user enters
>a new name ,i do some validations..Based on the validation,the user is
>allowed to change the name,otherwise it is reverted back to original
>value..Now for multi-selected elements with names T1,T2,the property sheet
>will show T1. As user edits the value, how to validate for BOTH the
>selected elements ??As of now validation happens for only T1(which is the
>first selected element)..What i would like to see is as user
>modifies,validation should be performed for BOTH the elements,and if any
>one fails,user is not allowed to change the values.
>[Event though validation happens for only one,if  press ENTER,the new
>value is updated for all the selected elements..There is  a contradiction
>in behavior..]
>I am looking for some suitable design by which i can get this done via
>the property sheet framework??

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