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Re: [platform-ui-dev] Multiselect in outline view and Property sheet

As workaround to this problem, you could prevent the property from appearing during multiple selection only.  To do this, have the associated PropertyDescriptor return FALSE for isCompatibleWith(PropertyDescriptor).


"Zenil" <zenil123@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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05/04/2004 01:49 AM
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        Subject:        [platform-ui-dev] Multiselect in outline view and Property sheet

Hi All,

I tried posting the newsgroups ,but no help there..

I have a problem where the user mulitselects elements in the outline
view.The corresponding property sheet shows the common properties of the selected element. For these common properties,eclipse shows the values of the FIRST selected element.My problem is this:
Lets say I have a name property with a TextDescriptor,when the user enters a new name ,i do some validations..Based on the validation,the user is allowed to change the name,otherwise it is reverted back to original value..Now for multi-selected elements with names T1,T2,the property sheet will show T1. As user edits the value, how to validate for BOTH the selected elements ??As of now validation happens for only T1(which is the first selected element)..What i would like to see is as user modifies,validation should be performed for BOTH the elements,and if any one fails,user is not allowed to change the values.
[Event though validation happens for only one,if  press ENTER,the new value is updated for all the selected elements..There is  a contradiction in behavior..]

I am looking for some suitable design by which i can get this done via
the property sheet framework??


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