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Re: [platform-ui-dev] Recombine Problems and Tasks Views

I was referring to code which open a view programatically via ID, and also persisted workbench state and user-customized perspectives which refer to the view.

The feedback we are getting from users is that they are frustrated when they can't find compile errors, and that there are too many views in Eclipse.  Some users had customized the default perspective in 2.1 and do not see the new Problems view.  So they were frustrated when they tried to launch their java application and found out there were classpath problems in their projects.


Tod Creasey <Tod_Creasey@xxxxxxxxxx>
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04/19/2004 02:14 PM
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Both of these views are internal so there are no compatibility issues to
worry about in upcoming releases. The feedback we are getting from many
users is that they prefer the split so we will be leaving it as is for
3.0. I personally prefer the split as I find the tasks to be unneccessary

We may consider revisiting this in 3.1 and promoting some of the classes
to API then but not in the 3.0 timeframe.


Randy Hudson <hudsonr@xxxxxxxxxx>
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04/19/2004 01:46 PM
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[platform-ui-dev] Recombine Problems and Tasks Views

Several developers commented on their disappointment that a new View
(Tasks) has been introduced in 3.0, which increases clutter. It does not
make working with problems/tasks easier than the 2.1 solution.  I
suggested an alternative solution which is obviously much better and
scalable, but would have to wait until the next release to be implemented.
So why hasn't the current attempt been backed out of 3.0?  Once these two
views are released, it will be impossible to implement the better solution
in a future compatible release.

reduce clutter:

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