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RE: [platform-ui-dev] Recombine Problems and Tasks Views

My 2 cents,

For this kind of voting to be really successful, Eclipse should be equipped with a

special "Feedback" button. When clicked, up pops a dialog with a few questions
and a feedback area. When you press OK, feedback is sent to the Eclipse feedback
server. Results are collected automatically. 1 cent.

Bugs should be dealt with similarly (having a special "Bug" button somewhere in the UI).
Another penny.


Chris Laffra

platform-ui-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 04/19/2004 02:44:13 PM:

> In the 3.0 stream we've seen a great deal of discussion about a range of
> usability issues. It seems like somewhere along the line many of these
> discussions include claims about what users generally prefer. Often both
> sides of an issue seem to think the majority of users favor them. It seems
> to me that going forward we need clear-cut mechanism for collecting real
> statistics about user preferences. I would recommend that we add to
> a facility (and a plan) for regularly collecting user feedback
> on UI issues. All parties would then agree to consider results of these
> polls to be the official statement of user preference. Users who want their
> oppions made known would know precisely how to contribute feedback and
> proponents of one position or another could drive their "evidence" to the
> polls.
> I recognize that votes for bug requests are such a mechanism, but I suspect
> that they lack the visibility that we'd need to hear from the general
> public--not just the developers and enthusiasts. A more visible mechanism
> might help address the "happy users don't vote" issue that has been cited as
> a reason to distrust bugzilla votes.
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