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Re: [platform-ui-dev] Global menu enablement

Absolutely.  "The next time a build occurs" needs to be removed from the message when autobuild is turned on, since "next time" is actually "right now".  For non-autobuild users, a "Start a build immediately" check box enabled by default in the clean dialog would streamline this and save you from having to do two steps. Both of these are on my list of fixes in this area (see

Bob Foster wrote on 04/13/2004 05:45:27 PM:
> If I may suggest, though, "Clean" as "Rebuild" is on the "less" side of
> "more or less". I assumed "Clean" meant "clear the output folders". And
> that's what the dialog seems to say, as well. Then it says "the next
> time a build occurs..." and I'm sitting there thinking, "Ok, how do I
> make _that_ happen?" Rebuild > All projects and Rebuild > Selected
> project would be more clear and direct.

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