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Re: [platform-ui-dev] Global menu enablement

Again you're not the first to be confused.  If you had turned autobuild off during those 2.5 years, you would have found four build actions in the project menu:

Build All
Build Project
Rebuild All
Rebuild Project

The first two were not in the menu when autobuild was turned on. Most non-autobuild users have (understandably) never fully grokked the distinction between "Build" and "Rebuild".  So, in M8 the "Rebuild" action was renamed (more or less) to "Clean...". So, with autobuild off, you now get:

Build All
Build Project

This is (hopefully) clearer to non-autobuild users. Most autobuild users, who had never seen "Build All" and "Build Project" before but were used to seeing "Rebuild All" and "Rebuild Project" now get the impression that actions that were previosly always enabled are now disabled.  These are in fact completely different actions. "Clean", which is the M8 replacement for the "Rebuild" actions, is still always enabled. I am planning on now reverting to the old behavior of removing the incremental build actions when autobuild is turned on.  You will then only see "Clean..." in the project menu.  For an even more long-winded explanation, see:


platform-ui-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 04/13/2004 04:41:20 PM:
> Now I'm really confused. AFAIK, I've had autobuild on for 2 1/2 years
> and those items have always been in the menu.

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