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Re: [platform-ui-dev] A very minor usability issue

Bob Foster wrote:

> Phlip wrote:

> > Here's the gap: To open a file Eclipse did not
> spawn,
> > one must copy files (with the correct
> project-specific
> > extensions) into ones project's folder. Then one
> must
> > use the Resource view, raise the Context Menu (the
> > "right" mouse button), and click Refresh.
> > 
> > Only an advanced programmer could stumble across
> this
> > particular scenario, going purely from "open a
> file".
> > But it requires knowing how programmers typically
> use
> > folders (one per project module, and only for that
> > module). So opening a pre-existing file does
> indeed
> > require an ingrown culture.
> Not sure what point you're making. It should not be
> necessary that a 
> file be in a project to open it with File > Open.
> If you're saying its a PITA to get an existing file
> into a project, yes.
> The whole Project/Resource thing has always seemed
> to me to be an 
> excellent example of design that does not emerge
> from the problem. If 
> Eclipse had started off using (and/or
>, File > 
> Open would be a non-issue, it would be considerably
> easier to adapt 
> existing code to Eclipse, classpaths could be dealt
> with directly, etc.

You repeated my point back to me.

My usability point: The UI gap never became an issue
because only a Special kind of people use Eclipse.


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