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Re: [platform-ui-dev] A very minor usability issue

Phlip wrote:
Bob Foster wrote:
Yes, of course. This is a FAQ. Who can fathom why
there is no File Open command? It seems as obvious as daylight to those who have used non-IBM IDEs, but that's an ingrown culture for you.

Here's the gap: To open a file Eclipse did not spawn,
one must copy files (with the correct project-specific
extensions) into ones project's folder. Then one must
use the Resource view, raise the Context Menu (the
"right" mouse button), and click Refresh.

Only an advanced programmer could stumble across this
particular scenario, going purely from "open a file".
But it requires knowing how programmers typically use
folders (one per project module, and only for that
module). So opening a pre-existing file does indeed
require an ingrown culture.

Not sure what point you're making. It should not be necessary that a file be in a project to open it with File > Open.

If you're saying its a PITA to get an existing file into a project, yes.

The whole Project/Resource thing has always seemed to me to be an excellent example of design that does not emerge from the problem. If Eclipse had started off using (and/or, File > Open would be a non-issue, it would be considerably easier to adapt existing code to Eclipse, classpaths could be dealt with directly, etc.

Bob Foster

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