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RE: [platform-ui-dev] Platform UI R3.0 icon refresh.

What's up with:
- the addition of color where it means nothing?  I.E. Running man becoming blue.
- the removal of color where it was meaningful?  Red X's becoming gray.


Chris McLaren <Chris_McLaren@xxxxxxxxxx>
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03/24/2004 01:45 PM
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Thanks Ed, I will give your feedback to the design team.

re: the 'running man' blue v. black:
The blue version is a new icon (external tools is part of the UI team), the
black version is an old icon ('run' is not part of the UI team).

This inconsistency of new v. old will be in the M8 build, but gone by M9.
Its just a timing issue for development of the icons and we wanted to have
some of the new icons out there to get feedback on issues that might affect
icons across the board.


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I just installed I200403240800 which has these new icons. Here's some

The left, right, up, down, undo, and redo yellow arrows are a bit thick.
They look more blob-y than arrow-y. I can't tell which way they're pointing
as easily as the old ones. This is not helped by the lighter border being
used in the new icons.

The new, save, print, import, and export icons are too washed out, and they
look less native on Windows. I thought they were disabled until I saw the
really disabled versions which are almost invisible.

The new icons for open and closed folders are too washed out. The CVS
decoration is less visible on top of it because the icon is lighter, and
they look less native on Windows.

The collapse-all icon isn't used consistency. Navigator uses the new one
and Package Explorer uses the old one.

Sometimes the running man is black and sometimes he's blue? I don't get the

The pin editor icon is unclear because I can't see the pin.

The icon for plain text files is hard to see in the editor tabs. I think
it's a problem with the border not being a solid black color like the one
for Java and other files. To see this, edit (which uses a
nice solid border) and .classpath (which uses the washed out border) and
compare them side by side. The former is much more visible.


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Platform UI committers please have a look at the proposed R3.0 workbench

General feedback to chris_mcLaren@xxxxxxxxxx or myself would be great.

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