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Re: [platform-ui-dev] Custom triggers?

It is certainly intended that you can define custom activity triggers.  I think 2) could instead be accomplished by binding your "cool tools" identifiers to the existing Java activity using an activity pattern binding rather than defining a new activity. 1) sounds reasonable, although for an individual repository tool it sounds like a custom activity is overkill. You could instead just selectively enable your actions using perspective extensions (to enable your actions in certain perspectives), action set part associations (to enable your actions in certain views), and using project nature filtering for context menu contributions.

platform-ui-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 03/24/2004 08:15:44 PM:

> The platform has some well defined trigger points. Since the API
> allows a plug-in to enable activities and to listen to changes in
> the state of activity, doesn't mean that one can define custom
> triggers? Here are a couple of possible use cases to see if I am on
> the right track:
> 1. Connecting to my repository server (login) enables an activity
> that contains the Team actions that this repository supports.
> 2. My plugin contributes additional cool tools to the JDT. If the
> JDT where defined as an activity couldn't my activity listener
> enable my "cool tools" activity if and when the JDT activity were enabled?
> Jim

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