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RE: [platform-ui-dev] Proposal to rename Project menu to Workbenc h

One of the changes I read in the proposal is the suggestion that Preferences would be moved to the Workbench pulldown.

I think   Workbench >  Preferences   makes a lot of sense.  

Just my two cents.

On the topic of Build / Rebuild All, what about relabelling "Build" to "Build Deltas"? By including these actions under the Workbench pulldown the scope is clear. And perhaps the addition of the word delta will help underscore the difference. Of course there's the matter of whether this will screw up users who already have a good grasp of these contructs. But I've little feeling of how significant this disruption will be. If the addition of the word delta is at least an accurate qualification, it might be worth considering.

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I agree 100%. There is one more problem of this type.
3) Window->Preferences is not intuitive and misleading.
Any of it will be better:

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