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Re: [platform-ui-dev] Proposal to rename Project menu to Workbench

The Navigator and Packages views use "Build Project" and "Rebuild Project" 
to make it clear that it is just the single project being built, not the 
whole workspace.
Since some of the actions in the context menu apply to the selection and 
some are global, I believe it helps to make this distinction so that 
people don't think they're just shortcuts for the global build actions.
Also, in the Packages view, these items also appear when an element under 
the project is selected.
It would be surprising if they changed names when the project was selected 
vs. an element under it.
I recommend we leave them as is.

We should also have the Navigator present them when a non-project resource 
is selected, for consistency with the packages view.


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2) Some context menus started using their own variation of "Build" and
"Rebuild All". For example, there is a "Build Project" and "Rebuild
Project". Now people familiar with the other terms are confused. They look
kinda the same but do they do the same? I recommended that on the Project
context menu, we show "Build" and "Rebuild All". It is obvious to the user
the scope is the Project. On other resources, we can show "Project Build"
and "Project Rebuild All" (I'm not going to describe the reasons why this
was needed or if the problem could be solved in other ways - that may come
out in another proposal)

Simon :-)

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