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Re: [platform-ui-dev] Re: Action Enablement

It looks like a marker attribute can be of type String, int, or boolean.
How do you plan to identify the attribute type and name in xml?  Would it
be something like this :

<filter name="intAttr:xxx" value = "999"/>
<filter name="stringAttr:yyy" value = "aaa"/>
<filter name="booleanAttr:zzz" value = "true | false"/>


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Karice and I are looking at F1 and "resolution" support for markers. In our
extension points for contributing F1 help context ids and resolution
classes we have to define a way of targeting a particular kind of marker.
This seems very similar to tarketing an action to a particular kind of

Curretly marker action targetting is based on the following keys:

Of these, SUPER_TYPE and TYPE are special, the remainer simply refer to
standard marker attributes.
I think we should extend marker filtering to be able to specify the value
any attribute.
Although we are still working out some details, I think this would allow us
to use the same extension point specification for marker F1 help, actions,
and resolutions.

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