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Re: [platform-ui-dev] RFC: Cut, Copy, Paste Proposal (end date = 12/03)

One open issue for me is how we handle selections that are heterogeneous. Consider the
following example: in the packages view someone selects Java elements (e.g Compilation
Units) and resourses. Now  the user executes Copy. What do we actually copy to the

- a sepcial Transfer that deals with resources and compilation units
- only the compilation units
- only the resources
- all selected elements as resources. We convert the compilation units to resources. But in
  this case we loose some information.
- we don't allow copy in this situation (would be hard for the user to understand since he doesn't
  see any difference between compilation units and resources)


"Karice McIntyre/OTT/OTI" <Karice_McIntyre@xxxxxxx>
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26.11.2001 23:31
Please respond to platform-ui-dev

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        Subject:        [platform-ui-dev] RFC: Cut, Copy, Paste Proposal (end date = 12/03)

Please provide comments on the following proposal by 12/03.  This is not a
call for committers to vote.

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