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[platform-ui-dev] Loss of Context: Demo of Perspective Changes


In the loss of context document we proposed a number of changes to the
perspective feature.  I have released a demonstration of these changes.  To
try them out, get the latest from the head stream and, in the workbench
preferences, check "Try Version 2 Perspectives".  When you check this the
following behavioral changes will come into effect ..

1. If you select Perspective > Open > X, the active perspective in the page
is changed.  The old behavior, to create a new page, does not occur.
2. If you select an object in the Navigator, then invoke Open Perspective >
X, we search the workbench.  If a window already exists within input ==
selected object, that window is activated and the perspective is changed in
it.  Otherwise, a new window is created.
3. The drop down list box is visible in the tool bar.  You can use it to
change the active perspective in the active page.
4. The contents of any perspective menu are determined using an MRU
algorithm, and are consistent in every perspective.
5. From any window, you can always get back to the root of the workspace by
invoking Window > Open Workbench.  This is like the old VAJ behavior.


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