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Re: [platform-ui-dev] VOTE: Low Color Proposal (end date = 11/27)

Yup. Here is my answer ....

Windows will not suddenly start to look like Linux if this vote passes.

Today, on 256 color RedHat 7.2 Linux the default colormap is full by the
time we get a chance to run
and SWT is already doing a closest match to the colors that Eclipse wants
to use.

If this proposal is accepted the user will not see any change on Linux  but
they will see one on Windows
as the workbench is not going to be actively managing a 256 color palette.
The new behavior on
Windows will be very similiar to the current behavior on Linux.

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I assume you will answer
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Could you please clarify the following statement, under "Ugly Reality 3 -
> The appearance on Linux is effectively what Windows low color users will
see as a result of this proposal.

While low color Windows configurations are less and less common, I don't
see why low color Windows users should be forced to into some Linux based
appearance (whatever that means).


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Committers please vote by 11/27.
Non-committer comments are encouraged.

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