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Re: [platform-dev] generic editor and breakpoints

Since debug.ui already depends on generic editor via "org.eclipse.ui.genericeditor.hoverProviders" extension, the additional code could go to debug.ui bundle directly.


9/14/2021 2:40 PM, Christoph Läubrich пишет:
I'd like to provide breakpoints for an editor based on the Generic Editor.

As far as I understand there is currently no support for this kind of usage but I still like to ask if there are anything out there to be reused, any work in progress. If not I could try to add basic support for this if there are no objections.

From [1] it seems the very first step would be to add a adapter factory to register IToggleBreakpointsTarget to target the generic editor for a given content type...

As currently generic editor does not depend on debug.ui, should this ne functionality go into a separate plugin or is it okay to extend the scope of generic editor to debug.ui?

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