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Re: [platform-dev] where should I be?

Daniel Miles (daniel.t.miles@xxxxxx):

> I thought that a list described as a "General discussion of
> platform-wide or architectural issues." would have had more chatter
> near a major release than this one did. Where is the list that *did*
> have the chatter? What do I subscribe to if I want to be kept
> up-to-date on the development of the platform?

  platform-releng-dev is best to keep on top of what's going on.  It's
not really a development list, but around a release it's very active and
will tell you what bugs have the real action.  I have found that most
developer chatter occurs in bugzilla itself.  The trick I use is to add
myself as a CC on the inbox for components I find interesting, and make
sure I'm CC'ed on bugs that are interesting from there.


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