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Re: [platform-dev] Can't use characters ] and } anymore!


Also, please try this with a recent 3.1 stream build, such as the M7 build that should be ready later today.  There was a fix made in the 3.1 stream for a case of this that was happening on motif.  The nature of the change was such that if the same thing were to happen on win32 (which we've never heard of before) then it could be fixed as well.  The original report was , but if this problem still happens for you then please log a new report with Platform-SWT since your platform is different.


Daniel Megert <daniel_megert@xxxxxxxxxx>
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05/13/2005 08:20 AM

Please respond to
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"Eclipse platform general developers list." <platform-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Re: [platform-dev] Can't use characters ] and } anymore!

Works fine for me. Check whether you accidentally changed the input
language. If this doesn't help use bugzilla which is the right forum for


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                                      [platform-dev] Can't use characters
                                      ] and } anymore!                    
            13.05.2005 14:15                                              
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within my eclipse editor I can't type the characters ']' and '}'
anymore (which is very ugly when you develop with Java).
In any other application I can use both characters without problems.
This happened within eclipse 3.0.2 running on Windows XP Prof. SP1.
Did anyone run into similar problems and can give me a hint how to
fix this.

Greetings Thorsten
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