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Re: [platform-dev] Generic porting instructions ?

Hi Matthias

The document I was referring to earlier is waiting for approval by the PMC, I'll follow up with them again. This document actually describes the methodology that allows a port of eclipse to be provided on which is a bit different from how to port eclipse to another platform using the source build scripts.  The source build instructions should be updated to provide generic instructions on how to port eclipse to another platform.  I've opened a bug to track this issue.

Using the scripts included in the src included drop to compile the eclipse is a great approach.  The following files will need to updated in the root of the srcbuildincluded directory
-update the build* files to  reflect the new architecture.  
-copy an existing script to one that reflects that platform you are building
-in the build.xml,
        -update the compilelibs property in the init target to reflect the new architecure
                -update the compilelibs target to reflect the new architecture
-run the build using "build -compilelibs" to force the recompilation of the native libaries
-patches may be required  to the swt native library and launcher build scripts for the compilation of the natives libraries
-please open a bug with platform-releng with patches required to compile the native libraries for this platform so that we may include them in future source builds zips.  This allows others to use your contribution and compile this new port of eclipse.


Matthias Kurz <mk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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02/28/2005 02:44 PM

Please respond to

Re: [platform-dev] Generic porting instructions ?

On Fri, Jan 14, 2005, Kim Moir wrote:

> Hi Martin
> Here are instructions on how to build eclipse
> This will use the precompiled native libaries that exist in the
> repository.  If you want to build completely from sources including
> creating native binaries, you will have to have the hardware to compile
> the binaries for each platform.
> The instructions on how to port eclipse to a new platform are currently a
> work in progress and will be released soon.


Is there something in the meantime ? Waited for the M5.
In the meantime i would like to use the *srcIncluded* piece instead of
CVS. And all "releng" stuff seems to be excluded from it. But hey, i could
also generate stuff on a local CVS checkout and package it together with
the *srcIncluded* stuff. As long as it is _significantly_ smaller in size.

I look for _generic_ instructions how to port Eclipse to any OS/WS/ARCH
All stuff i found that matches "porting" seems to be releated to port from
one Eclipse version to another.


> Matthias Kurz <mk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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> 01/13/2005 01:51 PM
> Please respond to
> platform-dev
> To
> platform-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
> cc
> Subject
> [platform-dev] Generic porting instructions ?
> Shoot me !
> Are there instructions anywhere that help me to _automatically_ set up
> _one_ source tree, that can be used to build eclipse for each and every
> supported platform _completely_ from sources (Java and native parts) ?
> First.
> And second, are there instructions what one has to do to port eclipse
> to a new platform (OS/WS/ARCH) ?
> Using CVS. For 3.1M4 and HEAD. Without using eclipse.

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