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Re: [platform-dev] Generic porting instructions ?

On Fri, Jan 14, 2005, Kim Moir wrote:

> Hi Martin
> Here are instructions on how to build eclipse 
> This will use the precompiled native libaries that exist in the 
> repository.  If you want to build completely from sources including 
> creating native binaries, you will have to have the hardware to compile 
> the binaries for each platform.
> The instructions on how to port eclipse to a new platform are currently a 
> work in progress and will be released soon. 


Is there something in the meantime ? Waited for the M5.
In the meantime i would like to use the *srcIncluded* piece instead of
CVS. And all "releng" stuff seems to be excluded from it. But hey, i could
also generate stuff on a local CVS checkout and package it together with
the *srcIncluded* stuff. As long as it is _significantly_ smaller in size.

I look for _generic_ instructions how to port Eclipse to any OS/WS/ARCH
All stuff i found that matches "porting" seems to be releated to port from
one Eclipse version to another.


> Matthias Kurz <mk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
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> 01/13/2005 01:51 PM
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> Subject
> [platform-dev] Generic porting instructions ?
> Shoot me !
> Are there instructions anywhere that help me to _automatically_ set up
> _one_ source tree, that can be used to build eclipse for each and every
> supported platform _completely_ from sources (Java and native parts) ?
> First.
> And second, are there instructions what one has to do to port eclipse
> to a new platform (OS/WS/ARCH) ?
> Using CVS. For 3.1M4 and HEAD. Without using eclipse.

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