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RE: [platform-dev] using lex/yacc files for syntax highlightning

Yea! PL/I! My second favorite language!

You may want to consider ANTLR instead of lex/yacc (ANTLR is java-based),
though I agree that a full blown parser may be a bit expensive during edit.
Of course since you're probably already using flex/bison for the gcc front
end, that doesn't help much. (Not just C/C++ vs Java; ANTLR is LL whereas
bison is LALR)

A quick thought: "EEEK! PL/I doesn't have reserved keywords! What a
nightmare to parse!". Syntax highlighting and code assist could be really
tricky and potentially confusing for the user as they type. Maybe you only
want to trigger the coloring after they complete a line or move the cursor
off the current line to get less noise as the user types, and the perf hit
isn't as often?

[I'm thinking that as the user types, some words could potentially change
highlighting based on context determining if they are keywords or not. "IF
IF = ELSE THEN ELSE = THEN; ELSE THEN = IF;" (my syntax could be off... been
a loooong time since I used PL/I...) Of course anyone who writes code like
that (other than as a silly example) should be shot on sight.]

-- Scott

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> please let me know if this is not the right mailinglist for 
> hl related questions.
> I am working on a new frontend for gcc for the programming 
> language PL/I. 
> (
> Now that I have the lex scanner and yacc (bison) parser in a 
> good shape, it would be natural to integrate this into the 
> powerfull eclipse editor framework.
> What is the best approach for this ?
> Henrik
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