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Re: [platform-dev] using lex/yacc files for syntax highlighting

On Monday 17 January 2005 04.37, Chet Murphy wrote:
> However, a full parser is useful for building a content tree view and
> for code completion for an editor. A full parser could also be used to
> provide an auto indent capability.

exactly my line of thinking !

Since I am writing the scanner/parser for the real compiler anyway, what extra 
do I need to do to get it integrated into an eclipse editor ?

When I was briefly looking at the Java editor, I saw a lot of abstract syntax 
tree code. I guess there must already be some code in eclipse that can be 
reused. Using lex/yacc it would be fairly easy to create a tree structure 
from the source code.

when looking at the samle editor that comes with the eclipse sdk, there seems 
to be a completely different infrastructure in place for syntax hl, and 
completion etc. So what I had in mind was to use the lex/yacc input files to 
generate the necessary java code. Does that sound doable ?

> Chet

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