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[platform-dev] RCP and jface.text not working when outside of Eclipse

I have converted a 2.1 plugin to a RCP plugin (3.0 RC1). This is working rather fine inside Eclipse (great job guys) but not as a standalone java application. I am using classes derived from org.eclipse.jface.text. I have to add this in plugin.xml for launching the standalone application without errors at startime (bundle error and so long)
      <import plugin="org.eclipse.jface.text"/>
      <import plugin="org.eclipse.text"/>
Is it normal?

The config.ini has the following line (everything on the same line)
osgi.bundles=org.eclipse.core.runtime@2:start, org.eclipse.update.configurator@3:start If I had org.eclipse.jface.text, I have the error msg that the bundle is already loaded. Thus it should be ok?

Then, when I try to open a view that is using classes derived from jface.text, I have the following error
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/eclipse/jface/text/IDocument
What is the correction??

I have search for days in the mailing list archive, look at the rcp browser example, look at the rcp tutorial (1,2,3), and I REALY don't find a common way on how to configure a RCP application running outside of Eclipse.

I will realy appreciate a guide for newbie like me (some experience with plugins but not rcp). If you want to kown what kind of plugins I am developping go to to


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