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Re: [platform-dev] Re: I need to load an external jar file for my plugin.

I can't seem to get this to work, but it does work if I add them to the "Bundle-ClassPath" in the MANIFEST.MF file. I'm running w/ a custom IPlatformRunnable if that makes any difference. Is this how the OSGi stuff is supposed to work?


Hasith Yaggahavita wrote:


U have to specify ur external jar files in the plugin.xml.



                        <library name="AutomaRuleBuilder.jar"/>

                        <library name="Sprinta2000.jar"/>

                        <library name="castor-"/>


And place ur jar files in the project home when u run the project as a WorkBench. When deployed as a plugin they should be in the ur plugin directory (e.g eclipse\plugins\com.automa.admin.adminconsole.adminview_2.1.1).

Hope this will help u

Hasith Yaggahavita

(Sri Lanka)

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