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Re: [platform-dev] Missing workspace selection dialog in I20040420 and I20040422.

Thanks for using the proper mailing list.

I am trying to launch I0420 using M8 and all I get in my runtime workbench is the external (target) plugins.  I do not get any of my workspace plug-ins loaded.  Is there a quick fix for this?
Also, I0420 does not work with previous runtime workspaces.  I had to specify a new runtime workspace.


Andrew Eidsness <Andrew_Eidsness@xxxxxxxxxx>
Sent by: platform-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx

04/22/2004 10:10 AM
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        Subject:        [platform-dev] Missing workspace selection dialog in I20040420 and  I20040422.

The april 20 and 22nd integration builds have a problem that causes the workspace selection dialog to not open on startup.  The fix has been submitted to HEAD and will be in the next integration build.  In the meantime passing -data <your_workspace_dir_here> (as a command line option to eclipse) is required to workaround the problem.


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