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RE: [platform-dev] Upgrade to 2.1.3

Doh!!! Yes, I must have unarchived directly into the eclipse directory
instead of one level above. Things seem to have gotten better now.

Thanks Jim


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Eric,  When you download these two drops, be sure that the contents of
eclipse/features/ and eclipse/plugins/ directories from the JDT binary 
drop end up in the corresponding subdirectories of the Platform drop. I 
just did this and it worked fine for me.

Eric J Kaplan" <eric.kaplan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> I apologize if this isn?t the right place for this, but I just 
> downloaded 2.1.3 (was using 2.1.0) and it seems to have lost 
> information about java. Specifically, I first downloaded ?Platform 
> Runtime Binary? and ?JDT Runtime Binary?, and Java is not showing up
> in Window->Preferences. In addition, the Java perspective seems 
> weird (the icon is that of a cmd prompt). File->New Project only 
> gives me ?Simple? and ?XML?. Is there something else that I need to 
> do? Desperately would like to upgrade.

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