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[platform-debug-dev] Multiple launches remain in the debug view

In the latest Luna RC3 If I modify a Java Source file and click on the “Debug” button, a dialog “Save and Launch” is popped up asking me to save the file before the debug session starts. If I click on the “cancel” button there is a left over node in my debug view. If I do that few times my debug view becomes pretty cluttered and there is no way to remove these launches.


After spending some time debugging the issue I believe that the odd behavior is due to a recent (three weeks ago) change in the code that adds the new launch is moved earlier inside the launch() function. Is this intentional?  It looks like if preLaunchCheck() returns false, the new launch is kept in the list of launches. Before the change if preLaunchCheck() returns false, the new launch was not added to that list.


Other that the strange behavior that I am reporting (left over launches in the debug view) I wander if adding the launch before preLaunchCheck() is a incompatible code change. My launch delegate was surprised to see that the new launch object is already in that collection. In that case if there is a need for the newly object to be in the list of launches that early, how would the launch configuration know that this is the newly created launch.


Please advise.



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