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[pdt-dev] Maintained PDT extensions

Hi Dawid,

I don't know projects you described. I also believe that if project is based on PDT author is watching this list ð If no one will respond in this thread then we can assume that PEX + Zend are only parties that are messing with internals. 

I big fan of doing more aggressive moves to cleanup PDT but what I'm afraid that problem is not with maintained projects but with those abandoned. People are still using outdated plugins like e.g. PTI and with such change we will break some workflows. Of course we can always say that such plugins will work with older version of PDT and do the change (and I'm ok with that) but I just wanted to add my thoughts ð 

Despite minor concerns +1 from me :)


Od: pdt-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx <pdt-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx> w imieniu uÅytkownika Dawid PakuÅa <zulus@xxxxxxxxx>
WysÅane: 12 wrzeÅnia 2016 23:08
Do: PDT Developers
Temat: [pdt-dev] Maintained PDT extensions
Hi all,

regarding to this issue [1] I have simple question that I added as last comment:

Except PEX (Core, Symfony etc...) and Zend (Studio etc..) extensions somebody know other projects (closed source or opend source) that probably require AST access and are still maintained (used)? Maybe his authors/maintainers are on this list?

I'm asking because I'm thinking about more aggressive option (to make PDT great again :P): if everybody agree, move existing AST's to API in PDT 5.0 (Eclipse 4.7 Oxygen) as-is + small cleanup if needed.

Why? Because I think that as long as we not deliver stable (maybe also simple) and well documented API, PDT will never receive stable extensions. Our potential extension market is reducing year-after-year due this madness :(

Itâs too hot in Wroclaw today ;)

Dawid PakuÅa