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[pdt-dev] PDT Archive Policy

Hi Team,

On our website we host now 12 last releases as ZIPâs and only one as âlatestâ p2.Â
Wiki page looks even worse [1], it have instruction for PDT 0.7! Outdated off course ;)

I would like to introduce simple Archive Policy:
1. Keep maximum 4 last major/minor releases + itâs maintance releases on PDT Wiki. Table with links to p2 sites and zip packages + instruction howto use them.
2. Rest of them move to archive.eclipse.orgÂand register on special wiki page (PDT/Archive). As a simple table also.

+ remove Zip package section from website. Replace it by simple direct link to recent ZIP and PDT/Installation wiki page inside âUpdate existing Eclipseâ section.

What You think?

Dawid PakuÅa