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Re: [pdt-dev] Future of PDT development

To clarify, the separate project for Faceted Project Framework has failed, but the framework itself is alive and well in WTP. It has no WTP dependencies, so a project like PDT can choose to adopt it from WTP directly.




- Konstantin



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Sounds worrying ("The project failed, due in part to lack of cooperation from WTP"), but we can try.


We should check if it's possible to adopt WTP's faceted projects, eventually fix it to better fit our scenarios.

If that won't work, or it turns out we need something simpler, then we can have it in PDT directly.



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So the question is: Will we start it on our own (in pdt) and based on fproj or has this potential to reactivate fproj with new features...

Mike, can you give an explanation why fproj was archived? Missing activity? Is there a new project covering this topic?

On Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 9:08 AM, Jacek Pospychała <jacek.p@xxxxxxxx> wrote:


regarding a clever mechanism to re-install missing facet providers - this is something that would perfectly fit in fproj framework. Another great use case for it (but probably not on fproj level) is that you could then distribute slimmed down products, that automatically install additional features based on what user needs. Many Eclipse-based IDEs need that and implemented it on their own.