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Re: [pdt-dev] Future of PDT development

Thanks for your help, Mike.

The first goal is to identify and plan the work that has to be done. We are already confirm that contributions to pdt are done via patches/bugzilla and pdt will be represented in pdt-extensions group (everyone is welcome to join, at least Jacek will watch us so that the kids are not doing strange things). So I guess there is currently no further help needed.

On the other hand there are numerous topics that will be covered by the community or extension plugins. At least the framework-support may be realized with additional plugins and there are many php frameworks around the world :)

1) The way pdt-extensions should be distributed. We tend to provide a tycho/p2 repository where we mirror the official pdt-extensions. So that pdt users can install extensions very easy. Is there a way eclipse foundation can support this? Currently all plugins are non-eclipse projects. Robert, what do you think?

2) The question whether some plugins should become an eclipse project. This should be discussed with those that want to share their work or those owning the plugins.
So for me personally: I provide php-maven. Currently including some phpunit support but this should be removed in favor of Sevas solution? The maven parts itself: there may be some interest in eclipse foundation I guess. Because eclipse itself and jdt get more deeper maven support, this could be migrated to eclipse. I personally do not mind if this is a lonesome eclipse plugin or an official eclipse project being part of pdt-extensions. However I have zero experience with project proposals or eclipse foundation rules. :-)