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Re: [pdt-dev] Initialize buildpath and project structure in new project wizard

Hi Robert,

For me the following piece of code works fine:

IScriptProject scriptProject = DLTKCore.create(project.getProject());
if (scriptProject != null) {
	List<IBuildpathEntry> entries = new LinkedList<IBuildpathEntry>();
	IPath yiiFrameworkPath = new
	IBuildpathEntry entry = DLTKCore.newBuiltinEntry(yiiFrameworkPath, new
IAccessRule[0], new IBuildpathAttribute[0], new IPath[0], new IPath[0],
			false, true);
	try {
		BuildPathUtils.addEntriesToBuildPath(scriptProject, entries);
	} catch (ModelException e) {
		YiiBundle.logError(e.getMessage(), e);

Best regards,

On Mon, 2011-09-19 at 09:21 +0200, Robert Gruendler wrote:
> Hi,
> i'm extending the PDT Project Wizard to initialize new Projects with the structure for the Symfony framework
> Basically i'm doing the following:
> 1. Iterate the skeleton project and create the project folders/files recursively.
> 2. Create a IBuildpathEntry for the source folders
> 3. Call init() passing the script project and the buildpathentries.
> The code of the wizard page can be found here:
> https://github.com/pulse00/Symfony-2-Eclipse-Plugin/blob/master/com.dubture.symfony.ui/src/com/dubture/symfony/ui/wizards/project/SymfonyProjectWizardThirdPage.java#L53
> The problem is that the Buildpathentries show up in the UI of the wizard and also the project structure is initialized correctly,
> but the .buildpath file does not contain the correct entries. It's the same like the default one from the PDT project wizard.
> Has anyone an idea what i'm missing here? Or is there a better way to achieve the initialization of a project?
> regards
> -robert
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