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RE: [pdt-dev] PDT 2.2 Project Plan

Hi Marijn, 
PDT development continues as usual, you can see latest releases also in
this page:
Lately we haven't promoted builds to the milestones repository but will
do it soon as part of the Helios plan.

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Dear PDT Developers,

A week ago I posted a question on the PDT newsgroup regarding the 
project plan, unfortunately there hasn't been a response there so I'd 
like to ask the question here.
There hasn't been a new release for PDT 2.2 in quite a while (the latest

integration build on the download page is of December 3rd), and the 
latest milestone build is M3 release November 12th. According to the 
project plan PDT should be up to M5 by now, with M6 coming up today. Was

PDT development postponed, and is there a new project plan available 



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