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[pdt-dev] Re: [Dltk-dev] Re: index2

Hi Roy,

I think we should not include (optional) external dependencies into DLTK builds.
Users can download h2 from the link below until it is included in Orbit.

What do you think?

And DLTK includes org.eclipse.dltk.index.sql.* plugins actually using h2.


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Hi Alex,

Eclipse PDT was built against the latest integration DLTK build already, thanks for providing this build. Iâll be able to make the adjustments later on this week.

Can you explain why org.h2.core was not included in the core DLTK package?


Best Regards,



Btw - Michael - thanks for forwarding, have fun J

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Hi Alex,


I'm forwarding this mail to DLTK/PDT mailing lists, since I'm unable to check this (I'm on holiday).




On Sat, Aug 8, 2009 at 12:23 AM, Alex Panchenko <alex@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Michael,

1) I have built h2.jar by their own build script, it is available at

It should not be downloaded as part of DLTK plugins, since it's external dependency and users should download it explicitly.

2) I have made code adjustments, so Ruby & TCL work as before even if new plugins are available.
(However, I believe we need additional checks & testing in this area).
Please make adjustments to your extensions (contribute indexer2 and disable other indexers only for your nature) and check if it works for you.

If you have any questions - let's discuss them.

When everything is fine for you & us - I'll make new build and upload it to eclipse.
I really don't want to make buggy builds publicly available.

Thank you,