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AW: [pdt-dev] official release of maintenance for PDT 2.0

> After all, the maintenance branch is only for urgent bug fixes,

Slightly off-topic, but I have to take the opportunity:

Since "urgent" seems to be equal to "none at all" during the last 3 months (or so), I consider this "only urgent bug fixes"-constraint a bit problematic: All the "nice" fixes (e.g. code-completion) seem to happen in the 2.1-branch only, which is Eclipse 3.5 only, which I won't be able to use in a production environment.
So, a pretty-please to the devs: Since Eclipse 3.4 is the current/stable/production-ready release, please consider backporting not only the "urgent" fixes but at least also the "it's really ugly without them" ones.

Mark Kirchner