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[pdt-dev] How to change the default "Simple php file" template.

In PDT-Eclipe, under 'Project' -> 'Properties' -> 'Code Style' -> 'Code Templates', 'Simple php file' contains following template:


I changed it to by editing it in PDT-Eclipse:

Â* @Filename:
Â* @Usage: php
Â* @Description:
Â* @Date:
Â* @Author: Parag Kalra
Â* @Company: My Company
Â* @Email: paragkalra@xxxxxxxxxxx
Â* @Copyright: Parag Kalra, 2009-2010
Â* @License: GNU General Public License
Â* @Version:ÂÂÂ
Â* @Last changed:


But when I am creating a new php file, it still shows:


I am unable to view my new PHP file header.

ÂWhat am I missing?


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