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[pdt-dev] Extending PDT with PHP this summer

Hello guys,

In december 2008 I did a talk at the french PHP conference on how
people can use the PHP Development Toolkit (PDT)  to integrate their
own PHP frameworks and tools inside Eclipse
However, PHP developers are often not familiar with Java and they need
to use PHP not only for dynamic capabilities but also to integrate
PHP-written libraries inside Eclipse. Using PHP as a runtime language
for plug-in is also an opportunity to script development workflows.
I discovered e4 and I wrote a JavaScript plug-in that performs static
analysis on PHP source-code as a showcase:

This is a lot of fun and I applied to the 2009 Google Summer of Code:
"Leverage one of existing PHP/Java bridges for adding a PHP support
into e4". You will find my proposal enclosed.
I also wrote a couple of slides to sum-up my proposal:
This project would be a giant leap for PHP developers but also a great
showcase for other communities looking to integrate other scripting
languages inside e4.

If you think that this project is worthwhile, please log-in on the
Google Summer of Code application and please vote for this proposal.

Please send me your feedbacks.

Best regards,


William Candillon

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