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Re: [pdt-dev] Resource is out of sync with the file system

Hi Nick,

2009/1/6 Nick Boldt <nickboldt@xxxxxxxxx>
When you say nothing happens, do you mean that:

a) the Package Explorer view (or whatever one you're using) doesn't change,
The PHP Explorer etc changes to reflect any added or removed files.

b) the open editor with the error message doesn't change,

This is where I find the problem. The open editor's message stays the same and doesn't change. It usually refreshes the file, then I have the php editor with access to the source again. But now it stays on the error message.
c) the Synch view doesn't change (if this is a vcs-shared file), or

Not sure what this is.

d) all of the above?

I think just b)

When you say PDT 1, do you mean PDT 1.0.3 (for Eclipse 3.3) or PDT 1.0.5 (for Eclipse 3.4) ? If 1.0.3, have you tried to reproduce this problem with 1.0.5, too?

1.0.3 for Eclipse 3.3 worked fine, I've just tested 1.0.5 for Eclipse 3.4 and that also works fine. It's 2.0 for Eclipse 3.4 that I'm having the trouble with.