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Re: [pdt-dev] Getting involved in PDT

Thank you both!
I think that's exactly what I need to start.
Although the process is not final one thing is always true - "a
developer gains such committer rights through frequent and valuable

In my opinion this is also the right way for such a project. It will take me some time to learn how to do all the things. I do it step by step and look in which way I could be useful for this project.
Again - thank you and if someone has more links / tips he can just send them. Probably some other people are also looking for such information.
( I hope I send it the correct way with gmail ... never used the Web UI for a maillinglist :-) )

On 7/11/08, Roy Ganor <roy@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Gregor, first thank you for presenting yourself.

Since currently the process of becoming a committer is not final (see
issue #240475), I recommend you to start with checking out pdt source
code and pick few issues (bugs and enhancements) from Bugzilla to solve.
Although the process is not final one thing is always true - "a
developer gains such committer rights through frequent and valuable

Also, I recommend you to start looking in the following links that can
be handy when starting to contribute to pdt:

PDT development environment (checking out the code):

Conventions and Guidelines:

Articles about PDT development:

Unit testing for PDT:

Working procedures:

Project plan:

Good luck!
- Roy

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(Sorry for my English - I did my best)

Good Morning

I met yesterday (Open Source Jam Zurich at Google Switzerland) a very
interesting person. With him I had a short talk about PDT. I forgot the
name (as always), but he said some interesting things about PDT
development: There are some presentations and documents about the PDT
development and how to get into it.

I played with the idea for a long time to get involved in the PDT
project. There is only one thing, that isn't so easy: to get into such a

project, to find out how everything works,... . What I'm looking for is
some information material about the PDT project. I've done some small
experiments with extending Eclipse, but I don't see a useful thing that
I can do for my own. So I'd like to play at first a bit around with the
PDT source (to learn it) and with the time to become a committer
(solving bugs and at some time I can implement a new feature).

What I'm searching is any kind of useful material to get into the
development of PDT. I found some peaces with searching but it's hard to
know how good it is, how new, and so on.

I thank you already for your help! And thank you for PDT it made my PHP
development a lot easier and more fun.

For people which are interested in who I am:
I'm a 20 years old Apprentice (I work three days and go two days to
school). I've been developing PHP for more than five years, Java for
about three years (but very intensive). I also have the SCJA and SCJP -
but I don't think that this say a lot about my programming skills.

I work for the SFMS Management AG (but in reality for SWX Swiss Exchange

AG) and there I'm writing in C# for .NET. For PDT I will work in my free

time, so the whole thing doesn't have to do anything with my company.

I also have experience with other programming languages: Visual Basic
(everyone has to start with something ;-) ), Delphi, a bit of school C,
Python and so on. At home I use Gentoo and Windows XP as my preferred OS

but I have also experience (most of them I used for a short time during
my education) with other platforms like Solaris, OpenVMS, a lot
GNU/Linux Distr. and the Mac OS.

I was born in Russia but I've been living in Switzerland since I was 6
years old. My target in education is to go to the university (ETHZ:
http://en.wikipedia.org/ETHZ) and get a Master. My current education is
a bit hard to describe. I can only describe the school with "boring"
because of the things you learn. Because of that I try to do a lot at
home for my education like the SCJA / SCJP, reading books and developing

and hopefully soon working on PDT.

Thank you and I wish you all a sunny day,
Gregor Wegberg
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