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[pdt-dev] Getting involved in PDT

(Sorry for my English - I did my best)

Good Morning

I met yesterday (Open Source Jam Zurich at Google Switzerland) a very interesting person. With him I had a short talk about PDT. I forgot the name (as always), but he said some interesting things about PDT development: There are some presentations and documents about the PDT development and how to get into it.

I played with the idea for a long time to get involved in the PDT project. There is only one thing, that isn't so easy: to get into such a project, to find out how everything works,... . What I'm looking for is some information material about the PDT project. I've done some small experiments with extending Eclipse, but I don't see a useful thing that I can do for my own. So I'd like to play at first a bit around with the PDT source (to learn it) and with the time to become a committer (solving bugs and at some time I can implement a new feature).

What I'm searching is any kind of useful material to get into the development of PDT. I found some peaces with searching but it's hard to know how good it is, how new, and so on.

I thank you already for your help! And thank you for PDT it made my PHP development a lot easier and more fun.

For people which are interested in who I am:
I'm a 20 years old Apprentice (I work three days and go two days to school). I've been developing PHP for more than five years, Java for about three years (but very intensive). I also have the SCJA and SCJP â but I don't think that this say a lot about my programming skills.

I work for the SFMS Management AG (but in reality for SWX Swiss Exchange AG) and there I'm writing in C# for .NET. For PDT I will work in my free time, so the whole thing doesn't have to do anything with my company.

I also have experience with other programming languages: Visual Basic (everyone has to start with something ;-) ), Delphi, a bit of school C, Python and so on. At home I use Gentoo and Windows XP as my preferred OS but I have also experience (most of them I used for a short time during my education) with other platforms like Solaris, OpenVMS, a lot GNU/Linux Distr. and the Mac OS.

I was born in Russia but I've been living in Switzerland since I was 6 years old. My target in education is to go to the university (ETHZ: http://en.wikipedia.org/ETHZ) and get a Master. My current education is a bit hard to describe. I can only describe the school with "boring" because of the things you learn. Because of that I try to do a lot at home for my education like the SCJA / SCJP, reading books and developing and hopefully soon working on PDT.

Thank you and I wish you all a sunny day,
Gregor Wegberg