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Re: [pdt-dev] PDT 1.1. - API updates following infra changes


Can you please share some draft document (e.g. a wiki page) to explains main points of the issue before the first session?


2008/6/25 Roy Ganor <roy@xxxxxxxx>:

Consulting with other committers, it is important to have a discussion about the new API.

Two sessions will be held (scheduled later) about the API change, the first one to collect feedbacks and the second to present the final API.


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Hello there,


Unavoidable step following our infra changes is to change Eclipse PDT 1.1 API.

Yes, it is a necessary step rather than a desirable one, we first thought that we could write adapters to the old model but the ROI is low. In order to step forward we must "slice" the cake and make a few changes. A detailed document about our new API should be delivered shortly after we finish the migration work.


The following extension points will be replaced with our new API:

  1. org.eclipse.php.core. includePathVariables
  2. org.eclipse.php.core.modelFilter
  3. org.eclipse.php.core.phpBuilderExtensions
  4. org.eclipse.php.core.phpModelExtensions
  5. org.eclipse.php.core.workspaceModelListener



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