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RE: [pdt-dev] installation using new update manage in 3.4 M6


Last week we uploaded the 1.0.3 RC1 as an all-in-one
so that users can download it, install it next to 1.0.2
and report if there are any regressions (using the update
would prevent that).

The 1.0.3 Release & update site will be available
On the first week of June (this Monday we start the final test 
cycle so if all goes well we may release next week, if we need
another round of bug fix and test cycles than we will release it 
on 2-3 of June).

Assaf A.

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Alon Peled a écrit :
> Hi James,
> We currently don't support Eclipse 3.4 in the updates available on the
> update site. The update site contains the 1.0.x versions, and only version
> 1.1.x is planned to support Eclipse 3.4.
On a related note: when will the 1.0.3 version be available on the
update site? For now it contains only the 0.7.0, 1.0.0, 1.0.1 and 1.0.2

I suppose it is too early as it is still in a testing stage, but I'm not
very knowledgeable in the Eclipse/PDT way of managing life cycles.


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